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Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Quit

 When I first started with photography many eons ago 4 months ago, I thought I wasn't half bad (in Auto Mode). I knew I wasn't GREAT but I thought I was pretty ok. I was talking to my brother in law to gets some tips and information on how to improve. He told me that once I start leaning I will HATE all of my pictures for awhile. He said he took 10,000 pictures before he started liking them. He knew it was 10,000 because he kept track. I thought I know he's probably pretty right. He's a really smart guy. He knows what he's talking about but he learning how to take pictures by trial and error, I was taking classes so of course I wouldn't have to go through 10,000 pictures that I hated first, right? WRONG.

As I have been learning more and more and practicing more I am realizing how little I really know. Don't get me wrong there are some pictures that I've taken that I really like but there are so many more that I've HATED. I'm really working hard on improving and learning all that I can. I don't want to leave my house without my camera now and when I do I usually end up regretting it. The hardest part is not quitting when things get hard or when I get discouraged. That has always been my biggest challenge. I am a pro at quitting when things get tough. (Not something that I'm proud of) The strange part with photography is, even though I have the urge to quit, it's overwhelmed by the urge to keep going. Ultimately I really don't want to stop. I want to learn and get better. I'm not sure where exactly I want to take this but I know I don't want to quit. Lately I've been focusing mainly on schoolwork. I'm taking a photography class and an Adobe photo shop class. I'm really enjoying them and I'm learning a TON!! Here are some of my photographs for school

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