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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photography Class

I am really loving this photography class. I am learning so much! Plus today the instructor showed 17 different projects that some of the students in our class have turned in and 2 of mine were included!!! It made me feel really good that he selected 2 of mine to show!
This was the first project I turned in. 
Grade - B
Trees on Hill - Image has moderate impact
Welcome/Marbles - Image has moderate impact
Instructor's Comments: Melody - You are on track with identifying the techniques; I would just suggest beginning, also, to look for feeling and emotion in your image-making. You stick a bit too strictly to documenting (the tree); and also allow the signage to take over the marbles. (Any time there's a word in your photo it's going to grab a lot of attention.) So, keep pushing it along. 

Second Project 
(he selected this one to show to the class)
Grade: A
Image has strong impact (like a rifle shot, eh?)
Instructor's Comments: Melody - A nicely-crafted image and presentation as well. I like that you tried out several different macro ideas before settling in with one as the best of the batch. That almost always leads to better shots...Kudos!

Third Project
(he selected this one to show to the class)
Grade: A
Image has strong impact
Color plays a significant role
Instructor's Comments: Melody - Color's too powerful to get anything but an "A"!! Terrific job with the lighting, especially those explosions behind the glasses. The one thing I'd like to see added is just one single slice of another color - orange perhaps - to give us some relief from all that green. Nevertheless, a very well-crafted shot overall. Kudos!

Grade: A-
Memorial- Image has strong impact
Flag at half-staff - Image has moderate impact
Instructor's Comments: Melody - Good second effort. The memorial shows an effective use of "formal" composition - central main subject, balanced by equal left - and - right additional elements. Flag is more interesting because of what it symbolizes. Presentation is good but my recommendation is always to coordinate backgrounds, gradients, etc., with colors that in the images. We'll learn more about this later in the semester.

With the two projects he showed. I had to explain how I set up the shots and what I did to create the look. Our next project is DEPTH OF FIELD and I'm really excited about this one. I'll post some of my shots as I work on it this week. Then I'll post the final project on Tuesday when it's due. 

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