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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lytle Creek

For our anniversary hubby took me shooting up at Lytle Creek. This may sound funny to some of you but I love to go shooting so it was awesome! And the drive up there was gorgeous. I want to go up there with no time limit and just my camera. It was a beautiful foggy day. It was up in the mountains which means the drive up there was a lot of curvy roads. I get motion sickness pretty bad which sucks but it helps to look out the window. I'm kinda glad I had to look out the window because it was beautiful.

We rounded one bend and I saw this awesome rock formation. I told hubby on the way home we were definitely stopping so I could get pictures. Well luck would have it (bad luck for hubby) He forgot that they only take cash at the shooting range so we had to drive back down to the closest store. It was 15 minutes back down the mountain. BUT that meant we got to drive past the rocks again. This time he stopped for me so I could take pictures. I ran across the two lane mountain road to get these. 

 This was just taken through the windshield of the car while we were driving. 
 I LOVE this one!! I love the fog and the creepy trees. 

This is the back side of the same rock formation from the way up. 

These are two of our targets. This one was Frankenstein but they made us cut the head off. Apparently you can't have targets with faces on them. 

 This was my target but hubby decided to shoot it with the shot gun using buck shot. I love the bright colors. 

It was so much fun! I got to shoot my two favorite things - my camera and my gun. LOL 

Happy Anniversary Baby! Here's to another 11 years. I love you!

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