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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Southern California Photographers Association Model #1

I joined the Southern California Photographers Association on Its a group where photographers in the area can get together and go out on photo shoots. The owner of the group sets up different meetups at locations around Southern California. The models who are there are usually just starting out as well. They work on a "Trade for Print" basis. The photographers take tons of pictures then go home and edit them and pick out their favorites. We then send a CD of all of our favorite pictures to the Association who then distribute them to each of the models. The models are then able to use the pictures to build their portfolio. The photographers are able to practice and build their portfolios as well.

It was such an awesome experience. As you know portraits are my weak point so I'm trying to get as much practice as possible. There were 4 models there that day so this will be broken down into 4 posts. One for each model. These are in no particular order.

To start with is Amber. I didn't get as much time to photograph her as I would have liked. There were 15 photographers there so sometimes it was hard to get in the front to take pictures. Here are some of my favorites of Amber:

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Jim said...

You are awesome. I love seeing the progression of your work!