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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photography is my therapy

I have discovered when I get down or just sad and need something to pull me out of it, Photography does the trick. I've also discovered that if I haven't taken pictures in awhile I start getting down on myself and feeling depressed.

Now that I know this about myself I am using it to my advantage. The other day I was feeling low and couldn't think of anything I wanted to take pictures of. I was getting the kids breakfast and I saw the fruit loops. They were so colorful that I knew they would be perfect.
That got my creative juices flowing so I went from there.

 Pico De Gallo

 Broccoli and carrots

 We had sushi for dinner that night so I couldn't resist getting pictures of those too
This was Jim's Spicy Tuna Roll and Rainbow Roll
My Volcano Roll and Baked Lobster Roll YUM!!! I love sushi. We are both on Weight Watchers but we hoarded our points that day and were able to pig out a little lol.


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