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Friday, November 18, 2011

Business Name

I got some really good advice today from an anonymous comment (I wish you would have left your name. I would love to check out your work and thank you for your kind words. It really helps to hear that I'm on the right path.) 

"I am a professional photographer and I do believe you have some natural talent in this area. I encourage you to continue to take photography courses and to continue to practice. Your work will get better and better. One word of advice for you.I think you have a natural gift for journalistic type photography as a lot of your photos are serious or solemn in nature (like your veterans day pics) and also you have taken some great nature shots. To be honest, the name "cheekie monkey photography" really doesn't suit the photos that you take. I also find that it takes away from the credibility of some of your best shots (eg. American flag shots). Have you considered having two different names for your business? Cheekie Monkey is perfect for photos of families, childrena and pets though."

I really appreciated your comment. I think you are right about the name. I really do love journalistic type photography and I think I am leaning more towards it. I think am going to leave the name Cheekie Monkey Photography for the portrait side of the business but I'm brainstorming a new name for the journalistic side. 

I would love any and all input on business name ideas. I'm thinking of just going with My first and Last name Photography. Straight and too the point. I don't really want anything kitschy. I want it to be a serious name for the more serious side of the business. 

I'm also trying to figure out how I'd go about having two separate names for the business. Would that even be worth it? Should I drop the whole Cheekie Monkey name and stick with the new name for both side? I'm not sure I'd want two completely separate websites but if it makes more sense to do it than I am up for it. 

I do enjoy taking portraits as well and don't want to drop that side of the business. I'm just brainstorming how to make both sides work. 

Any thoughts? 


Anonymous said...

How about
MY MELODY Photography

Cocoroo said...

How about MJF Photography?

Cocoroo said...

or you could even go with BWE Photography... which are your kids first initials.

Anonymous said...

I Love your photo's I've been researching a few photographers here in the I.E to take pictures of my daughter and I agree with the anonymous commenter your a GREAT Photographer and your work is amazing :-) I can't wait to see more!! And hopefully in the future we can work together on a photo shoot for my daughter.
Keep doing your thang :-D