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Saturday, December 17, 2011


As you may already know one of my biggest problems is a lack of confidence in my own work.On the last day of class my professor got my contact information so he could pass it on to the head of the department -that way if there were any competitions or shows coming up she could keep me in mind. I was telling a really good friend of mine about it and I mentioned how nervous I was/am. He asked me why I was so nervous about it and I told him it was because I don't feel my work is good enough. He said "How long has your teacher been doing this?" I said "for probably 20 years or so" He said "Then he knows more than you do. Listen to him. He thinks your work is good right?"

I told my mom about the whole conversation and we got to talking about success and how I would know I was a successful photographer. I started thinking about it... I'm not really sure. I guess that's my real problem. I don't know how to define success in terms of photography. I'm not sure how I would even know that I made it.

How do you define success? Do you have to make x number of dollars? Sell x number of items? Book x number of shoots? Do you have to have your work published? This doesn't just apply to photography it can apply to any profession.

I'm trying to figure out how success is defined for me. Once I do I think I will be on the right path to my goal of "Success" (whatever that is)

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