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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 3 of Urban Collection

I walked Oldest to school again today and I am amazed that there were things I missed yesterday and the day before. Its so cool to me that I can walk the same way 3 times in a row and get new pictures each time. I love it.
Here are some of my favorites from today
I saw this shoe in the middle of the road and couldn't resist. It was just one shoe. The other one was no where in sight. Makes you wonder what the story is with the other shoe...

This was the sunrise this morning.

I've been dying to take pictures of this burned up car for a couple days now. It's parked in someone's driveway so I didn't dare at first. Then I realized there was a lock box on the front door. VACANT HOUSE!!! WOOHOO!! So today I went ahead and took pictures. I didn't get as close as I wanted to. I had the twins with me and didn't want them to touch it. I may go back without them one of these days and try again.

Fire hydrant

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