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Friday, February 3, 2012

Water and Wagon Wheels

Twin A is obsessed with Waterfalls. He loves to watch them. He can sit for hours with the Itouch and watch youtube videos of waterfalls. There is a waterfall near Oldest child's school. Twin A wants to see it all the time. So yesterday we walked Oldest to school and then continued on to the waterfall. For some reason recently they dyed the water blue. In these pictures I did not do any editing to the color of the water. This is really how it looks.  I decided this time instead of posting all the pictures individually I would make a collage of some of them as to not overwhelm you lol

This morning was a beautiful morning with dew on the grass. I can't ever resist taking pictures of water drops on grass and leaves so of course I couldn't pass up these pictures.

This is a water fountain at the same place as the waterfall. I had to get pictures of it too.

 Down the street from my parents house is this wagon wheel in front of their neighbors home. I've been wanting to take pictures of it for quite a while but just haven't had the chance. Yesterday I didn't have the kids with me and I was driving down their street. I just pulled over jumped out and got these pictures.

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