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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm back!!

Aftyer a HUGE ordeal with Best Buy (which I will post about later) I finally have a camera back!! I am so excited. I took a ton of pictures today lol. Not too surprising. I am working on something that I read on another blog Take More Photos Keep Less I really like this idea and think it will greatly improve my photography.
Here are some of the pictures I kept from today.

This is a flower my mom got that from my daugther and she put it in this bowl full of clear rock things and water. I couldn't resist.

This was such an interesting pomegrante that I had to get this picture

 The sunset was beautiful tonight

 We are actually going to print this large and hang it in our living room.

 I've seen this wood pile everyday for months and have been wanting to take a picture of it.
There will definitely be more where this came from!

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