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Thursday, November 29, 2012

SCPA - Dios De Los Muertos - Rosannara

This is Rosannara. She was so sweet. I loved the head piece she got to wear. It's a flower with a skeleton hand! I want one of these so bad! :)

I think this is my favorite picture of her. I love how simple yet stunning it is. This picture is taken on the same set as the other pictures but it was taken from the side not the front. Its amazing what thinking outside of the box does. (I can't take credit for the idea though. I followed another photographer to the side and shot from over there.) This picture helps to remind me to think outside of the box. Take risks. Shoot from different angles. Different sides. You never know if that picture is going to be the best one.

Rosannara you were great to work with! I can't wait to work with you again soon!

Model - Rosannara Chhun
MUA - Madison Cochran
Hair Stylist - Elizabeth Tep
Wardrobe - Cheri Wilson Chagollan

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