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Monday, November 19, 2012

SCPA - Dios De Los Muertos - Akemi

On Saturday I went to another meetup with the Southern California Photographers Association. The theme for this shoot was Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). It was a lot of fun. I hadn't worked with any of these models before so it was fun to get to know them and meet some new people. This shoot was done at Wonderland Studios again. I can't recommend this studio enough. Everyone who works there is AWESOME. The studio is beautiful. The costumes are amazing. Its just such a great experience to be able to photograph there.

In the morning we got to photograph two models without the Dia de los Muertos makeup (while the other models were getting their makeup done. Then the first two models would go back and get theirs done and we finished up the day with them)

There were a lot of photographers there this time. I think a total of 12. That made it difficult to get to know the models or talk to them very much. They were all very nice and fun to work with though.

I am beginning to understand more about Flash and how it works. I felt a lot more comfortable with it this time. I knew how my settings worked and what changing shutter or aperture would change in the picture. I still need to work on learning more about the actual lighting set up.

This first model is Kelsey "Akemi" Hogan. Her posing was great. She had tons of ideas and kept them coming through the whole shoot.

Model – Akemi
MUA – Madison Chochran
Hair Stylist – Elizabeth Tep
Wardrobe – Cheri Wilson Chagollan

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